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Spinner Examples (Rollover for 2nd image)

Gerardo and his spinners! (Rollover for 2nd image)

Other spinner concepts (Rollover for 2nd image)

Look at Sample Spinner Blade Ideas.pdf for some other spinner design idea! Feel free to suggest your own ideas! Any two-dimensional shapes and cut-outs and can be used.


  • Prices for spinner sets with custom designed blades will be between $300 - $400.
  • Prices for spinner sets for a "special" wheel will be between $350 - $500
  • All prices are approximate and subject to change
  • If the wheel is a style that I have not designed for, the spinners could take longer to make and be more expensive.





Have you ever wanted to add a little flash and personality to your wheelchair? Are you tired of your wheelchair looking like everyone else’s? Well, I have something for you -- Custom Wheelchair Spinners!

My wheelchair spinners are completely customizable to your desires. They are made of high quality, lightweight aluminum. They can be cut in any two-dimensional shape and painted any color that you can dream of. And, these spinners will not affect your wheel's quick release button.

I will work with you to create the exact set of spinners that you would like. Design a subtle spinner if you need to maintain a clean, professional image; design a flashy, bright spinner for going out to party…the possibilities are endless.

Spinner Details

Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. I will use this information to construct your spinner design and order! If you have any questions please email them to spinners@beyondindependence.net.

Phone Number
How do you prefer to be contacted

What type of wheel do you have? See examples below.

How many spokes does each wheel have?
What kind of hub style does your wheel have? See examples below.
What color do you want the spinner blades to be?
Comments/Questions/Special instructions/Etc.

More Information!!

Email me at spinners@beyondindependence.net or submit the information form above and I will be happy to help you. This form does NOT constitute an agreement to purchase.

Custom blade designs can typically be designed and produced in 2 - 4weeks. However, if the wheel is a style that I have not designed for, the spinners could take longer to make and be more expensive.